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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nurses and Teacher's Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher's and Nurse's Appreciation week! Do not let this week go by (or year) without thanking those in these occupations. You know these are not easy jobs, and what they get paid isn't nearly as much as they should. They do things you wouldn't normally like to do and yet they have hearts for people like no other. Yes I know there are exceptions to this as a whole but I can tell you that I've had nurses in my life that have been there for me in ways I could have never imagined. I had an amazing nurse there for me during my labor/delivery with Joshua which lasted over 26 hours long. She encouraged me, guided me and cared for us that whole time and is still in our lives today! I got a massive blood clot in my whole left leg 10 days after having Joshua and ended up back in the hospital for a week. I was not allowed to shower and of course not something that set well with me. I had a nurse actually come in and wash my hair for me while I stayed in that bed. She didn't have to do that yet she saw how sad I was and did what she thought would put a smile back on my face! I've had many other amazing nurses in my life but those two stand out to me. Shout out to my old roomie, Kristen who has worked so hard to become a nurse all while being a wife and mom to two boys! This weekend her dreams come true and she deserves it!

Not only have I had amazing teachers through out my whole life my children have been incredibly blessed with the teachers they have had as well. I am not the parent that requests teachers. I pray and ask God to put my kids in the class He thinks would be best for them. I do not know the teachers (especially in our new town) but I trust that He knows who would be the best fit teaching my children. They might only be 4 1/2 and almost 8 years old but every year God has shown me He has put them in the exact classes they needed to be in. Again, I might not feel this way every year but so far I've been thankful for those loving, caring teachers who push my children to be the best they can all while letting them be children. I could not have asked for better better Pre-schools then the ones my two kids attending. Little Footprings Learning Center and Long Hill Chapel Preschool set a foundation in my kids that I will forever be grateful for. My kids have a relationship with Jesus and I know their teachers in these preschools had a hand in planting that seed.

Some of these relationships have exceeded the dr's offices or classrooms. God put these blessings in our lives exactly when we need them and continues to do so. If you are a teacher or nurse I want to say a huge THANK YOU! I know your jobs aren't easy. People don't always show their appreciation but there are more people that do and I hope they show it this week as well as all year long!

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